Our Story

Exciting. Action packed. Challenging.
And always looking forward for more!

That's us and our story so far. And we knew from that bright sunny day in December 2011 when our first board was pressed on the Wemhoener short-cycle press that the journey ahead will be full of exciting challenges and opportunities and that innovation will be the most important constant. And have we been proved right throughout!

Our roots date back a decade when Asian Exims and Fishfa Group, both leading players in their respective wood and glass industries partnered together to create Asian Prelam - and with that set out to redefine the modular furniture industry in India.

From the uncompromising infrastructure to the carefully selected premium raw materials, perfection and quality were the core around which all our decisions were made and implemented. The fact that the group has nine production and distribution facilities employing over one thousand people is a different story altogether and we will leave that for another day.

For now we can only tell you that not only have we transformed the service benchmark in the prelaminated boards industry, but our unwavering push for innovation has provided the Indian industry new avenues and products for making truly world class interior spaces.

What's next? Well, just keep reading!


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Fakhruddin Fidahusain


A journey he set out on in 1976 and one that he still continues, not just for himself but for everyone around him. Fakhruddin is cornerstone of the Fishfa Group and has guided a small glass trading group into a multi-country and multi-industry conglomerate that exists today with business interests in glass, wooden furniture and branding and design services. Blessed with an exceptional business acumen and a stickler for perfection, his vision has kept the Fishfa Group ahead of its time by continuous cycle of innovation and new product development.

Sajjad Husain


If Fakhruddin is the cornerstone of the Fishfa Group, Sajjad Husain is its pillar of success. Co-founder of the group, his hard work, dedication, perseverance and above all simplicity has made him a universally respected in both his professional and private life. A veteran of the glass industry, Sajjad Husain’s remarkable support for new businesses has been a determining factor for Asian Prelam’s continued success.

Profile Mufaddal Pankhawala

Managing Director

Back in 1990, Mufaddal founded a wood panel and laminate trading firm called Asian Exims and with that redefined the trade with his acute sense of professionalism and promptness in service. The next twenty years saw Asian Exims become a formidable name in the furniture industry, finally culminating into the strategic merger with Fishfa Group and thus, Asian Prelam was born. Mufaddal’s industry experience, dot-on-time commitment obsession and hunger for growth has made Asian Prelam what it is today - a respected, seasoned and quality producer of wood panels for the furniture industry. As the Managing Director, Mufaddal’s ability to get the best out his team and the strong sales network that he has built over the years have ensured Asian Prelam’s continued leadership position in its product line and services going forward.

Nisreen Kachwala


Ask her what’s her vision about Asian Prelam and in all probability her answer would be to ensure Asian’s product offerings create alluring and delightful work and home spaces for people to love and enjoy. Credit this to her avid sense of design from her stint in fashion design in Mumbai and London. Nisreen is the face of Asian Prelam for architects and interior designers and heads sales of Egger’s entire product portfolio. Her stint in the factory during the early years of her career has established a great knowledge of the manufacturing process and with it the technical advantages Asian’s products possess over competitors, helping her win projects and clients.

Suhel Kachwala


Post completing his MBA from Boston and an important work stint in USA, Suhel returned to India in 2003 and took charge of the group’s expansion and foray in manufacturing. His strong personality and effective communication skills have been instrumental in getting sales to feed the group’s increasing production capacity and to fuel future growth. His unbeatable PR skills makes him a ubiquitous figure in the architect and builder community all over India.

Nuruddin Erfan


Armed with business experience of more than twenty five years, Nuruddin plays an important role in the decision making process of the Fishfa Group and also Asian Prelam. With work being his greatest passion, Nuru (as he is called by all), Nuruddin ensures the smooth functioning of the company by bringing to the group his expert guidance and problem-solving adeptness.

Tariq Kachwala

Joint Managing Director

Armed with an engineering degree from Mumbai and MS-MBA from New York University, Tariq specializes in operations, strategy and new product development for Asian Prelam. But perhaps his greatest passion lies in brand design and creative media development, which he converted to a professional enterprise with the formation of CreativFish. His life’s mantra is to not sit still and to keep innovating continuously, as is evident if we look at Asian Prelam’s journey over the years.