Our Products

At Asian, our inspiration draws from the best that nature has to offer. And what better way to communicate this inspiration than through the timeless discourse of Indian Sanskrit.

Presenting our five new product lines: Satvik (purity), Sahaj (natural), Shresht (perfection), Shikhar (peak) and Sanyukt (collaboration) – all conceptualised and designed to ensure the highest standards in quality and the finest sensations that you can see and touch. Each of these names deeply embodies the very core of the products they represent.

The Satvik of our raw boards, the spontaneously Sahaj approach of our economy series line, the unrelenting Shresht in our timeless and proven standard decors, the new Shikhar we aim to achieve with our innovative and unique surface finishes, and our valuable Sanyukt with dependable partners like Egger and Roma Plastik. And above all, each product line is an acknowledgment of the infinite gifts that nature has given us and our unwavering commitment to preserve these through our contribution in building your next living and working space.