The practical aspect of a product makes it useful, while its functionality serves to enhance our lives. Like the exuberant waterfall, both resourceful and necessary, adapting its course based on the landscape, our entry level pre-laminated particle boards, medium density fiberboards and plywood are absolutely customizable for optimum use.

With extensive applications in homes, offices and porta cabins, our Sahaj series perfectly blends elegance with functionality.


Veneer Faced Plywood (Decor)

At Asian innovation is an everyday constant and continuing this trend we are pleased to present you a brand new product – Pre-Veneered Plywood! A part of our Sahaj series, the product is fully compatible with the OEM setup. The concept remains the same as Pre-laminated Boards where the melamine-dipped decor is pressed directly on […]

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Melamine Faced Plywood (White)

You wanted it, and we heard you! As a part of our Sahaj range, the Pre-Laminated White Plywood is a convenient and highly demanded component for furniture. Just cut it to your required size, edge-band it and it is ready to use for all your carcass requirement. No messy and tiresome sticking of laminates to […]

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