A beach is made perfect when partnered with beautiful seashells washed on its shore. Each one with a different identity, a new tale to tell, which over time becomes synonymous with the beach’s character itself.

That’s us and our precious Sanyukts with partners like Egger and Roma Plastik.

The perfect complements to our product range, our decors, our finishes and in fact our core brand identity. Sanyukts that have helped reinforce our market reach and potential. A better world forged with the best partners.


About Egger

Innovative solutions and dynamism with the zeal to achieve a customer's trust and satisfaction is the common thread that binds EGGER and Asian Prelam together. Pioneering a focussed vision and an extraordinary passion to be the best in the industry, together we are progressively transforming the way living and working spaces are built. The EGGER series offers world-class wood products that are unique and cutting edge, giving you reasons to explore the limitless possibilities of customizing the way you live and work with a creative flair.


Egger – Eurolight Honeycomb Boards

Eurolight is a sandwich construction made from chipboard top and bottom surface layers, combined with a light, yet robust recycled cardboard honeycomb core. A chunky look, combined with low weight and high strength makes it perfectly suited to a wide range of applications such as cladding, carcassing, table tops/desking, shelving, sliding doors, internal doors and […]

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Egger – Feel Wood (Synchronized) & Deep Texture MFC

Egger’s unique and luxurious DeepTexture and FeelWood range feature a double layer of paper to create the depth of texture seen with solid wood. This adds to the overall depth of the board. In addition, with FeelWood the finish, décor and texture are perfectly matched to give the impression of real wood. Applications Benefits Offers […]

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Egger – PerfectSense Matt Lacquered MDF Boards

The future has arrived. Egger’s PerfectSense lacquered boards are much more than a conventional melamine-faced MDF board. They epitomize the next generation of matt textures and represent a new premium standard in prelaminated boards. Manufactured using a sophisticated lacquering process that is applied with precision to the surface, PerfectSense Matt boards feel warm and velvety. […]

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Roma – Edge Bands – PVC | ABS | PMMA

Our exclusive association with Roma Plastik (now a part of Egger Group) for edge-bands has been a fortuitous and highly advantageous addition to our product range, offering you the remarkable convenience of getting matching edge-bands to Asian’s and Egger’s entire range of décors with matching surface finish and texture. Our edge-bands are offered in following […]

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