A dew drop is an epitome of purity. Crystal clear in its appearance, its natural and untainted form is a perfect embodiment of perfection, sanctity and quality. We take pride in being inspired by the humble dew drop for its purity.

Purity that is ingrained in our raw chipboards, medium density fiberboards, plywood and softboards. Because we know that your perfect décor and finish can only be achieved on the perfect boards.


Decorative Laminates (HPL) Post Form Laminates

Now our entire solid color and decor range of the Shresth series is available as decorative laminates and post-form laminates (for curved tops). This range is manufactured using the choicest European paper and additives, ensuring abrasion resistance and total conformance to other quality parameters. Size : 4′ x 8′ Decorative Laminates(HPL) : 0 .80 mm, […]

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Raw Chipboards

Our complete range of raw Chipboards (also commonly called as Particle Boards) is efficiently engineered from natural wood. Since we are innately conscious about the environment our chipboard as they are also called, are entirely conducive to use.

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Raw Medium Density Fibreboards (MDF)

Medium Density Fiberboards have completely revolutionized the pre-laminated board industry. Frequently shortened to MDF, these medium density fiberboards are extremely popular as material of choice in high-quality furniture merited by its extensive efficiency,

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Raw Plywood

One of our newer product introductions, our range of raw calibrated plywood is produced with thin sheets of wood glued together with high-strength resin. It has a very high planar shear strength and impact resistance.

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Raw Soft Boards

An indispensable material for offices and schools, our soft boards are an ideal fit for all your pin-up applications. Our boards have a soft but extremely durable surface that can display all your notices, posters, graphics and memos.

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