It is in human DNA to reach the highest of heights. An innate urge to conquer, make headway, accelerate, excel and outshine, continuously drawing inspiration from nature, to be the best. Just like the mountains Shikhar that stands resilient, symbolising strength and stature, our new flat lamination) products are poised to revolutionize the furniture market with their stunning aesthetics and pioneering textures.

With an extensive décor range in acrylic, acryl glass surface finish and veneer, our Shikhar series is a manifestation of our most exclusive range of surface finishes manufactured with the highest quality levels.

Our flat-lamination line from Barberan (Spain) and micro cleaning line from Wandres (Germany) ensures the highest standards in quality and surface evenness.


Deep Textured Veneer on MDF & Plywood Panels

It just cannot get more premium than this! Presenting our Deep Texture Veneer series on calibrated WBP Plywood and MDF Boards in various thicknesses. Sourced from the west, these veneers impart an absolutely unique and rich surface finish to every board. Only the finest, and rarest logs are sent for slicing and the unique grain […]

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Lacquered Acrylic Surface Plywood & MDF Panels

A new generation of scratch-resistant lacquer acrylic films in high gloss and super matt films with enormous depth effect and convincing product properties.
senosan® AM1800TopX high gloss lacquered acrylic films, with their unmistakeable surface and depth effect offer a gloss effect like no other material.

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Lacquered Acryl Glass Surface Plywood & MDF Panels

Our Shikar series is poised to reinvent the Indian furniture market forever! With unique ultra-gloss, metallic, butter-matt, luster glass and silk-matt glass surface finishes sourced from the world-leader in this segment, Senosan from Austria, we can provide these boards on calibrated plywood and MDF. Our flat-lamination line from Barberan (Spain) and Micro cleaning line from […]

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