Lacquered Acrylic Surface Plywood & MDF Panels


A new generation of scratch-resistant lacquer acrylic films in high gloss with enormous depth effect and convincing product properties.
senosan® AM1800TopX high gloss lacquered acrylic films, with their unmistakeable surface and depth effect offer a gloss effect like no other material. They can be distinguished by enormous scratch resistance, UV resistance and environment friendly features. All products are exactly matched as required to their target group of furniture manufacturers, suppliers, laminators and designers. With the new quality of senosan® AM1800TopX, a new film with enormous scratch resistance has been developed.

The benefits of senosan®AM1800TopX are:

Excellent scratch resistance (scour resistant)

Enormous chemical resistance

No polishing of the surface after removal of protective film

Increased UV resistance


Product Finish Scratch resistance Gloss level (60°) Color
senosan® AM1800TopX Surface protection film,
Corona on reverse,
1,1N Erichsen DIN 68861/ T4 IHD-W-466
Class 1
GLE ca. 90 Colored
senosan® AM1800TopX MET. Surface protection film,
Corona on reverse,
1,1N Erichsen DIN 68861/ T4 IHD-W-466
Class 1
GLE ca. 90 Colored,



Butter Matt

Furniture films with a super-matt surface as a benchmark in the industry with increased scratch resistance and enormous chemical resistance.

These new super-matt surfaces offer the same high-quality surface features as the ultra-gloss furniture films and are the benchmark in the industry. The scratch and abrasion resistance are significantly higher than with standard matt surfaces. The chemical resistance is even suitable for laboratory use and resists most aggressive substances.

Advantages of Butter Matt

Supermatt, smooth surface

Excellent scratch resistance, scour resistant

Increased UV resistance

Enormous chemical resistance

Anti finger print properties


Product Finish Scratch resistance Gloss level (60°) Color Application
senosan® AM1800TopMatt surface protection film > 2,0 N Erichsen
DIN 68861/T4
GLE < 8 Colored Flat lamination




In collaboration with

Senoplast Klepsch & Co. GmbH, based in Austria, is a premium manufacturer of co-extruded ABS for the furniture industry.

With many years of market presence in the field of high gloss films in ABS/ Acrylic with the trade name Senosan®, it offers an assurance of product safety and the highest quality with regard to surface excellence and colour consistency.

Senosan® surface lites are now a proud and exciting part of Asian’s Shikhar range of decors.


MT 002Galaxy White Metallic
MT 011Galaxy Silver Grey Metallic
MT 031Galaxy Hazel Metallic
MT 041Galaxy Aqua Blue Metallic
MT 013Galaxy Gothic Grey Metallic
MT 019Galaxy Black Metallic


Ultra Gloss

UG 002Warm White Ultra Gloss
UG 005French White Ultra Gloss
UG 006Ivory Ultra Gloss
UG 008Irish Cream Ultra Gloss
UG 015Slate Grey Ultra Gloss
UG 016Metal Grey Ultra Gloss
UG 019Black Ultra Gloss
UG 021Mud Ash Ultra Gloss
UG 061Brunette Ultra Gloss
UG 071Charcoal Ultra Gloss
UG 081Wine Ultra Gloss
UG 091Black Currant Ultra Gloss


Butter Matt

BM 002Warm White Butter Matt
BM 004English White Butter Matt
BM 006Ivory Butter Matt
BM 008Irish Cream Butter Matt
BM 015Slate Gray Butter Matt
BM 021Mud Ash Butter Matt