Raw Chipboards

Our complete range of raw Chipboards (also commonly called as Particle Boards) is efficiently engineered from natural wood. Since we are innately conscious about the environment our chipboard as they are also called, are entirely conducive to use. Unlike the conventional way where only the bark is of use, here the whole tree isn’t uprooted or destroyed. Bound together with synthetic resin, the plain Chipboards are hot-pressed into wood panels of specific dimensions that are denser and homogeneously structured in comparison to general plywood.

Raw Chipboards Applications

Perfect For:

Home Decors | Interior Fixtures | False Ceilings | Partitions | Wall Paneling | Door Frames | Speaker Systems (Recommended only for Interior applications)

8 mm | 9 mm | 12 mm | 16 mm | 17 mm
18 mm | 25 mm | 36 mm

E1 | E2 | HMR

4′ x 8′ | 6′ x 8’