Deep Textured Veneer on MDF & Plywood Panels

It just cannot get more premium than this! Presenting our Deep Texture Veneer series on calibrated WBP Plywood and MDF Boards in various thicknesses.

Sourced from the west, these veneers impart an absolutely unique and rich surface finish to every board. Only the finest, and rarest logs are sent for slicing and the unique grain textures are preserved in the entire manufacturing process.

Amaze users and guests alike. Nature at its preserved best, and nothing can beat that ever.

Post Laminated Plywood & MDF Panels

Deep textured veneers of 1mm plus wood thicknesses pressed on WBP plywood in various thicknesses as per requirement using PUR glue. Also matching wood edges are made available, making it a perfect product for modular furniture.

Size: 4′ x 8′ | Thickness: 18mm (Other thicknesses & Matching Edgebands available on request)


Muir Wood
Classic Oak Wood
Maple Wood
Acacia Wood