Egger – Eurolight Honeycomb Boards

Eurolight is a sandwich construction made from chipboard top and bottom surface layers, combined with a light, yet robust recycled cardboard honeycomb core. A chunky look, combined with low weight and high strength makes it perfectly suited to a wide range of applications such as cladding, carcassing, table tops/desking, shelving, sliding doors, internal doors and furniture.

Egger Honeycomb Boards are unique as the edges can be directly covered using edge bands, there by eliminating requirement for inserts.

Table Tops/ Desks

Eurolight boards are almost bend-proof, owing to its unique composition – a robust cardboard honeycomb core glued on both sides with 8 mm top layers made of wood-based materials.

Table tops and desks constructed with Eurolight boards offer great dual benefits of extremely high stability and also a durable surface for working upon.

Sliding Doors / Partitions

Eurolight lightweight boards are 60% lighter than MDF boards or chipboards of the same thickness, yet more stable and resistant to bending. This makes them an ideal fit for doors and partitions.

Being lighter vastly increases the life of hardware and fittings and makes the entire system highly robust, while providing an aesthetically pleasing solution.


Create thick, premium looking furniture more easily and for less cost

Upto 60% lighter than its equivalent thickness in chipboard

Furniture easier to carry around and to process

High strength means less bending in wide spans

Hollow core enables hidden LED lighting and wiring

Environmentally friendly product saving resources


H1180 ST37Natural Halifax Oak
H1181 ST37Tobacco Halifax Oak
H3342 ST28Sepia Gladstone Oak
H3325 ST28Tobacco Gladstone Oak