Melamine Faced MDF & Chipboards | Wooden Decors

Choose from our stunning contemporary and premium wooden shades and infuse life and vitality to your home and office spaces. We are excitedly looking forward to transforming your architecture!

W 501Asian Maple
W 301Figured Wenge
W 302Straight Line Wenge
W 506Staffelsee Maple
W 308New Country (Light)
W 309New Country (Dark)
W 705Khaya Mahogany
W 305Maldau Acacia (Light)
W 306Maldau Acacia (Dark)
W 101Savoy Beech
W 102Precious Beech
W 103Intal Beech
W 104Mangfall Beech
W 108Bavarian Beech
W 601German Oak
W 318Banane Abaca (Light)
W 319Banane Abaca (Dark)
W 322Canyon Monument Oak (Light)
W 323Canyon Monument Oak (Dark)
W 709Painted Cottage Pine (Dark)
W 315Mineral Forest (Light)
W 316Mineral Forest (Dark)
W 405Noce Versailles
W 215Tokaj (Dark)
W 403Lorraine Walnut
W 201Highland Pine
W 204Douglas Pine
W 207Core Ash
W 313Oxford Oak
W 502Fusion Maple
W 802Twist (Grey)
W 801Twist (Ivory)
W 208Oriental Cane (Light)
W 209Oriental Cane (Dark)
W 311Coburg Oak
D 004Windsor Oak (Light)
W 701Sapeli Mahogany
W 606Urban Teak
W 713Ridge Pine (Dark)