Veneer Faced Plywood (Decor)

At Asian innovation is an everyday constant and continuing this trend we are pleased to present you a brand new product – Pre-Veneered Plywood! A part of our Sahaj series, the product is fully compatible with the OEM setup. The concept remains the same as Pre-laminated Boards where the melamine-dipped decor is pressed directly on MDF and chipboards. Likewise, in the case of Pre-Veneered Plywood, a 3 mm veneered ply is avoided and instead the face veneer is directly pressed on the final thickness of plywood, thus saving valuable time and money without
compromising the quality and finish of the product. Faster, better and more efficient – that’s our Pre-Veneered Plywood for you!

We offer this product in 18 mm BWR Plywood with veneer pressed on both sides and in four choices – Ash, Oak, Teak, and Walnut.

Veneer Faced Plywood comes in exciting color shades that will match your home or office decor perfectly.

American Black Walnut

White Ash

Burma teak

White Oak